Essay about Klein 's Influence On A Message

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4. Klein makes use of extended examples in building her argument. How do these examples enhance her central message?
My answer to this question focuses on the first three pages of Klein’s message. Klein’s central message was “successful corporations must primarily produce brands, as opposed to products” (par. 1). Klein’s use of examples in her message was very easy for me to connect with. It may be in part because growing up for me in the 80’s as a young adult, then through the 90’s, etc., I was able to see a lot of these companies she mentioned. I am also familiar with the changes some of those underwent. Some of these events happened way before my time. The Marlboro Man didn’t. He was phased out also in part due to the government’s concern for cigarette use at that time. They banned all advertisements, to include magazines and billboards. In the beginning, Klein appeared to give us a preface of what we will be reading. I noticed it was a generalization of the remaining passage. In here first titled section is where she began to go into more depth. Here she provided a good description between the differences of products and branding. “Brand is the core meaning of the modern corporation…advertisement as one vehicle used to convey that meaning” (par. 7). That helped set up what we would be discussing in the upcoming paragraphs. In the following paragraphs I could see she was setting up a sequence of events that took us back to the industrial age. Where products were…

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