Kinship Is A Word Used By Anthropologists Essay

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Kinship is a word use by anthropologists to describe certain family relationships. A kinship Chart is basically a family tree. My Kinship Chart is not very big. There are a lot of similarities between my mother 's and father 's sides. Each of my father 's and my mother 's parents have two children and each of their children has only one child. I am focusing on my matrilineal descent. My family live in the the capital city of Ukraine, Kiev. From my mother’s side, the relationships are endogamous, with the exception of my uncle( my mother 's brother). I have never known my grandfather from my mother 's side, because he died from the stroke before I was born. My mother told me that he was one of the best engineers in the city. He was the most amazing, compassionate and generous person. No matter what my grandfather would always help a person who was in need. He never once turned his back on someone. Also, my mother told me that if he was alive when I was born, he would treat me like a princess. I have a lot of good memories of my grandmother. I know that my maternal grandmother had Polish, Russian and German ancestry. She was very polite and very kind. She could make clothes and toys better then anything you could buy in a shop those days and was always in demand to make these clothes and toys for family and friends. She was a wonderful cook. She had a way of making the most ordinary holiday gatherings into truly special parties, punctuated with…

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