Kingsman The Hero's Journey Analysis

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Kingsman the secret service is a very poupular movie that stands out amongst modern serious spy movies. Such as Jason bourn or Daniel Craig James bond, by parodying classic James bond. The film is over the top with its gadgets, villain’s, and action, as well as forcing more on comedy. This essay will start with a brief summery of the film and than examine three examples of the hero’s journey. Firstly, the elderly mentor, after that the allies and enemies, and lastly the heroes return.
Kingsman the secret service is about eggsy Unwin a street punk who after being arrested calls in a favor from the origination his father used to work for called kinsmen. Kingsman is a private intelligence agency and one of its members harry hart (Galahad) gets
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When it comes to allies eggsy has few, he of course has harry his mentor who got him into kinsmen and guided him through the process of becoming a member. He also has merlin who is the technical support for kinsmen. Merlin helps eggsy to stop seeing himself as a victim and that there are people who want to help. He also helps in defeating valentine. He also has Roxy one of the other candadates, she is his friend and defends him form the other candadates who don’t like him. She also assists in the defeat of valentine. Eggsy enemies are much more numerus. To start with we have the main antagonist Richmond valentine who eggsy has to defeat. as well as valentine’s assassin gazelle who eggsy must defeat to get to Valentine. there are also enemies within kinsmen such as Charles who is one of the other candidates. He hates eggsy because he is not High class and believes he does not belong at kinsmen. Than there is Charles’s mentor Chester (author) who hates eggsy for the same reason, he is also working with valentine. lastly dean and by extension his gang, dean is the abusive boyfriend of his mother who hates eggsy and gets his gang to pick on …show more content…
Harry hart is the elderly mentor for eggsy he gives eggsy the chance to become a kinsman and helps him see his potential. The allies of eggsy are harry his mentor, Roxy the only candidate to stand by eggsy in selection, and merlin kinsmen tech support who helps eggsy see that he is not a victim and that there are people who are there for him. Enemies of eggsy are Charles and his mentor Chester king (artthrur) who hate him for being lower class. Than there is dean his abuse mother’s boyfriend, and than Richmond Valentine and his assassin gazelle who are the main antagonist of the film. The heroes return eggsy comes back to England a changed man, know part of kinsmen he has realized his potential and taken control of his life. Becoming successful and obtaining a bright future. I think that these stages of the hero’s journey found in kinsmen show that despite the film being an unserious parody it still uses the steps of the hero’s journey to form its satyr. This show the universality of the hero’s journey be it mythology or modern movies the hero’s journey remains relevant and necessary for

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