The Crusades And The Kingdom Of Heaven

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The crusade is the group of wars which was undertaken by Christians of the western European which was done to control from the Muslim. These wars was held between 11th, 12th and the 13th century. This history is mostly about the wars and the political situations between the kingdoms.
In the movie Kingdom of Heaven (2005) presents the drama related to the history of the crusades which started in an ancient time. This story is about the crusades of the kings and the kingdoms of the French state Builder. And this is concerned with the middle age and Islam. The movie is related to the history of the ancient story which is real around 11th century. So, relating to the history the movie Kingdom of Heaven was
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In the real history of Crusades the king Philip II who is the Christian believer and the leader of the Christians but in the movie kingdom of Heaven he doubt in the Christian. In the Crusades there he controlled the Jerusalem, as the place where Christ lived and died and held a central role. In the middle ages the Christians were attacked by the Muslims and conquered the Holy land and later there was a war against the Palestine by the king Philip and Knights Templar. After the battle against Lusignan Saladin reconquered all of the Holy land. From the real history there was a victory of the Muslims and they had enormous power and the Saladin was the leader of the Muslim state. And after some years Saladin conquered kingdom of Jerusalem. Later, Gregory made a plan to reclaim Jerusalem and made a group. However, with his troops with Philip Augustus and Richardm they were failed to capture the Jerusalem, and later they recaptured. So in reality there was a siege of Jerusalem in the first Crusade and in the third crusade there was a defense of Jaffa. As in the movie Balian fall in a love with a queen in Jerusalem due to which he was forced to serve to a unknown king. In the movie Balian stayed in Jerusalem even all of the armies were killed he was there and he was defending and fought at the Battle of Hattin and he escaped from there. And in the second and third crusades in the movie there is the Knights Templar who are the band of religious fanatics and going war against the Muslim caravans but in the real history of crusades there was no any war held nor the Knights ever attacked any caravans. But the knights Templar were just formed for the protection from the Muslim

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