King Candy Short Story

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....Before any life form took shape , there was the Sugar . It was formed by the pure essences of its supernatural sweet self. He added and changed a few thing in the universe The sugar god got tired of his diabetic self . So with his supernatural ability he transformed himself into the “space serpent”. The “space serpent “ was formed out of Laffy taffy the sweetest substance known to exist. As the serpent grew old and lonely with his last breath He created king candy. He mentored him and taught him how to keep the universe in check. Candy king was made to hold a place of power to keep everybody from getting sour (hahaha ha pun get it). The candy king co-existed with the universe for many eons. King candy was getting tired of being in the dark so he said “Let there be light”, and from that point on fireballs illuminated the universe. As candy looked at his realm he realized how much he liked light so in his ignorance he separates light from …show more content…
He named light day and the darkness night. King candy was tired of his 1 day of work so he created mountain dew. On the second day he made a ball of candy. All the bits of candy in space got stuck to the ball and from that point earth began. King candy filled 73 percent of earth with mountain dew(332.5 million cubic miles). Then candy king thought to himself and felt a little lonely, so he made humans. The first version of his humans were dull and sour. The next version was incompetent and was messing up the world. The final version of humans was dumber and able to be trained. Candy king trained his final creation to love sugar and carbs. Then he gave them the gift of marshmallows. Ever since then humans have been getting fatter and fatter, as for candy king he hides in the form of government (for

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