Kindred : Critical Book Review Essay

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Kindred: Critical Book Review

Kindred, written by an African-American Octavia Estelle Butler, is a novel with the combination of fantasy and science fiction themes about the slavery of African-Americans. This novel is unique and successful as the first person narrative is being used, making the characters more vivid and actual, and the scenario of the first scene truly makes the readers wonder about the following plot. In addition, the context of the book engirdles Afrofuturism while the history of the African-Americans in this fiction is running through the novel. Each portrait of these black people is characterized exclusively even though they all are under the control of the slavery, evincing their hopes through different actions. Through that way, she has tried to imply that even though the inhumane political system once existed in the past era is revised over time, that kind of racist thought still can be buried in people’s mind, just in a subtle, and maybe instinctive, way. Kindred is the result of the author’s inspiration from her life experiences. The key character, Dana, is a reflection of her as a Black female writer just in different time frames but receiving the same kind of treatment. She, as Dana, was somehow linked to her white male ancestor and was summoned back by him to one hundred years ago. Her incredible time travel changed her to be more pathetic in a way that she needed to be a savior and also a slave of her ancestor and at the end, she only had one…

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