Kindred, By Octavia Butler Essay

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In Octavia Butler’s novel Kindred, she illustrates the power white people designed to suppress black people in America. She uses characters, setting, and time to help the reader establish a better understanding of the racial injustice. Butlers makes it clear in her novel that by the establishment of a racial hierarchy and the even further marginalization of black women, which not only affected slaves but is still affecting African Americans into the modern era.
The novel begins with the main character Dana having her arm crushed inside the wall of her house, but she cannot explain to anyone how it happened. As the novel progresses the reader is informed that Dana has the ability to time travel, but with one catch, she is unable to choose the place she travels. Dana currently lives in 1970 California where she is married to a white man named Kevin. When she travels back in time Dana is transported to 19th century Maryland, a very unwelcoming place for a black woman. When in Maryland she finds herself on the plantation of Tom Weylin where she discovers her purpose is to save his son, Rufus Weylin, whenever he is in danger. Dana eventually discovers that Rufus is, in fact, her ancestor and she must ensure not only that he lives, but that he has to have sex with one of his slaves for Dana to exist. After the birth of her ancestor Hagar, Dana eventually stabs Rufus ending his life. While back in time Dana makes multiple relationships with various slaves and gains a new…

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