Narrative Essay On Kindergarten

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Kindergarten was really stressful and hard. It was a lot of work compared to preschool. Here I had to write sentences about things and had to do it fast (well faster than what seemed like a reasonable amount of time for me). Stations was the worst, we went around the room in groups to different stations some of them were ok, but there was always at least one station that needed me to write. All the other kids had no problem with it except for me. I always got so flustered by writing that I would try to avoid writing until the very last minute where I would hastily throw a few sentences together and turn it in. Probably crying in the process. Reading also sucked. I was dread worth as well, but the worst is when they would make me read …show more content…
Now you may think there is nothing wrong with a kindergarten soccer team, well you would be wrong. The flaw with all the soccer teams in the league I was in was that every single kid chanced the ball around the field like a swarm of bees. Well every kid except for me. I didn’t see the point of chancing the ball. I was very slow and would never be able to reach the ball so I wisely decided to invest my time in something else. But I kind of have to stay on the field so my choices were limited. I ended up picking flowers and trying to hide in the crowd. The latter does not work so well when you are wearing a team jersey. My parents got frustrated with me and always told me to get back out on the field.
During the summer after Kindergarten I went to summer school. At the time I was too young to know the negative connotation that is associated with summer school. I also did not understand what going there meant. But I had fun there; I got to be smart for once. There were kids there that did not learn anything in the past year. See the thing is I ended up learning most of the times I needed to know at the end of Kindergarten, but that’s not what they grade you on. They care about when more than

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