Pang Hwang Kim Case Summary

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Mr. Pang Hwang Kim claimed he is not in an employee with Kilo E-Liquids or his contracted to perform any services or act as a third-party to conduct any particular plumbing or skilled electrical trades with the insured. He further stated that he does not have or operate a construction company that provides any electricians to perform any jobs with businesses or with private residences. What he said is an interior designer. He owns his own designing business where he works out of his home. He claims to have some contractors who specialize in fixing and installing individual fixtures in residence or added business. He said most of these contractors he has used is referred to him by word of mouth or through others who mentioned their services over to him for his use in designing a customer’s home if any needed carpentry or electrical work. He claimed Mr. Julio Pineda, was once referred to him from a person by the name of Lindsay at 213. 210. 3078 who praised Mr. Pineda’s electrical …show more content…
Pang Kim recalled on the data loss, July 29, 2017; he met with Mr. Pineda at the E-Liquids Company earlier that morning before 9:00 AM to allow Mr. Pineda into the warehouse. After allowing Mr. Pineda to go inside the warehouse and to begin his work, he believes that Mr. Pineda may have worked about six hours into his job, before he received a phone call from Mr. Pineda himself, stating that he had been electrocuted when installing the electrical panel inside the warehouse area. He claimed he had dialed 911 to have the paramedics respond to provide medical aid to him.
Upon learning of Mr. Pineda’s accident, he said he immediately left to see how Mr. Pineda was doing at the insured business when he had found out that the claimant had already been transported to an area hospital where he was being treated.

Mr. Kim stated that he did not have any further information about the claimant’s medical condition while he is being treated at the UCI Irvine Medical Center in the city of

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