Essay `` Killing Jesus `` By Bill O ' Reilly And Martin Dugard

1016 Words Mar 5th, 2015 5 Pages
From the most popular book throughout the world comes one of the most commonly known stories in history. One certainly does not have to be a Christian to know or even be familiar with the story Jesus Christ’s Passion, Death and Resurrection. In “Killing Jesus”, Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard give the reader an inside look of what the life of Jesus was like leading up to and during these historic events, as well as the culture and setting of this time period. The audience reading “Killing Jesus” would more than likely classify the book to be more of an informative and historical piece, as oppose to being theological as the Bible is. The main idea of this book is clearly depicted within the title of the book, however the death of Jesus isn’t the only topic discussed. In fact, particularly in the very beginning of the book, multiple pages are dedicated to informing the reader about those people who were in power at the time. King Herod and the Roman Empire were large points of focus in order to give the reader a better understanding of what the world Jesus was about to come into was like and how it was being ruled at that time. For those readers who aren 't too fond of reading straight facts or may not enjoy reading out of a history book, “Killing Jesus” would most definitely be recommended. One might believe O’Reilly and Dugard do a good job putting Jesus’ life into a story line. This allows the book to be more easily read by the audience, as if it were a novel, by not…

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