Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essay

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In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee uses Atticus Finch to oppose society by fighting against the moral and ethical beliefs of everyone in Maycomb county. Segregation and racial tensions plagued the everyday life in the town. The white population is treated with much higher respect and granted much higher privileges than the fearful black community. Although most families at this time were in someway impoverished,the black people still suffer the worst consequences of them all, as their community was a collection of small houses by the town dump. Society belittles the black community, treats them like dirt, and blames all of the town’s troubles on them,everyone but Atticus Finch. During the trial of Tom Robinson the case is more than Atticus versus Mayella Ewell, it is Atticus versus the whole town, as he receives threats and faces many personal battles along his journey.

Boy, negro, and nigger, were all words used to belittle and mentally destroy the pride of the black community in the novel. All of the white community use this language to exemplify social hierarchy in this time period, all of them but Atticus Finch. No matter the skin color or economic status, Atticus talks to everyone with respect. His whole life he has lived by higher morals than his peers and has passed that on to his family. A strong belief of equality for all, has separated himself from the evil of society and proved himself as the greater good. For example, although Calpurnia dedicates her life…

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