Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essays

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Scam Artists are defined by the dictionary as “ A person who attempts to defraud others by presenting a fraudulent offer and pretending that it is legitimate”(Webster 's Dictionary). In many ways Scam Artists have to get into people 's heads to understand their process of detecting a scam. They then would have to use conversational and acting skills to convince someone that their scam is not a scam. These skills are similar to the ways characters in books empathize with others. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Scout shows empathy through her conversations, interactions, and resolutions with others.

Scout shows empathy through conversation. For example, Scout asks a question of Atticus to try and understand the racial tensions in society. When Bob Ewell calls Atticus a empathizer to African Americans, Scout confronts Atticus and wants to learn why he would call him that. “Why do they call him a n*gger lover?” (34). Because Scout is asking a question it shows that she wants to learn more and understand why things are so. Because she’s asking Atticus why things happen in society shows that she wants to learn more about it and have a more overall understanding of society and why people say the things they do. Another example is when Scout gets in trouble for her inconsiderate words. When Scout makes fun of Walter at dinner for using too much ketchup, Calpurnia scolds Scout because she makes him feel sorry for the things he cannot change. “anybody sets foot in…

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