Reasons Of Moral Development In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Moral Development

In the book to kill a mocking bird Scout has changed or she also got more mature throughout the story. One reason is that Scout starts to learn about how the people of Maycomb feel about blacks. Scout also changes due to the fact that she did not know who Boo Radley was then she was willing to walk Boo Radley home. The third reason why scout has changed is due to the fact that she has got more time to mature. The last reason why Scout has changed throughout the book is that her level of moral development has changed which was described by Dr. Kohlberg. Those things are what this paper is going to be touching on.
The First reason that we are going to talk about is that Scout starts to learn about the whole racism thing
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Kohlberg was the one to make the levels. So in the story Scout has a level 2 moral development due to the way that she acts and due to how much she understands things. Level 2 moral development means that Scout is good at “maintaining the social order” in the town of Maycomb (McLeod). This level is used to show that Scout knows how to obey the laws and rules to stay out of trouble and she is pretty good at doing this because she thinks about what Atticus would do in a certain situation. This is important because it shows you how Scout has came from level one and how she has landed in level 2 due to her understanding of the rules of her town of Maycomb. And this level is pretty good for a kid at her age to have because now some kids are at her level but they are older than her and so she is doing just fine at the level she is at now.
So in conclusion those are some ways that Scouts morals have changed in the book To kill a mocking bird wrote by Harper Lee. Those are Four of the reasons why I think that it is important to show How scout has changed throughout the story. Scout still has quite a few things she can learn to improve her

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