Kids From Foster Care : A Foster Parent Essay

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It’s a story about a two married couple who adopted four kids legally and opened their home for more than 40 foster kids. Kelly is a foster parent and once was a foster child, she said she saw how hard it was not to have a permanent home. When she was young she said to herself that she wants to adopt someday and the first time she holds a baby she knew she wants to become a parent. She wanted to become a foster parent so bad and her husband Jeff jumped on board and these couple created a home for foster children.

I like what these couple did but to me I think as much as I want to be a part of this practice I just think that there should be a limit of how many kids a person or a family can adopt from foster care because even though they just wanted to help this young people, kids from foster care requires a lot of work because of what they been through their live they need a lot of attention from their new parents and having too many is not going to give them a proper attention to help them adopt or adjust to their new family but I tip my hat off to Kelly and Jeff Lane for having a big heart.

Struggle for Identity: Issues in Transracial Adoption. Filmakers Library, 2000. Filmakers Library Online. Web. 05 Apr. 2016.

The video is made to educate the people who planned to adopt or adopted a child from another race. Many foster parents don’t realize about the potential dilemma that their adopted kids might face when they get exposed to the community. In the video, the kids…

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