Similarities Between Kuhn And Descartes 'Structure Of Scientific Revolution'

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Reflection prompt #3
Tareque Mehdi
EDUC 800 Ways of Knowing

Imagine a conversation between Kuhn and Descartes: what would Kuhn say to Descartes about his Discourse? Many have argued that Descartes created a scientific revolution. Does it meet Kuhn’s attributes? Why or why not? Additionally, note what specifically about Kuhn’s perspective helps you understand how we come to know?

If I imagine a conversation between Kuhn and Descartes, upon closely looking at their publications, I believe Kuhn would disagree on several of his discourses with Descartes. Using his idea of paradigm, Kuhn helped bring the philosophy of science closer to the history of science. On the other hand, Descartes’ way of knowing is based on experience and influenced by deductive reasoning to lead to the development of ideas. In this connection, Kuhn believed that Descartes caused a paradigm shift in a broad, and historical sense.
René Descartes (1596-1650) and Thomas Kuhn (1922-1996) both were innovative philosophers from two different time periods. Their publications ‘Discourse on Method’ (Descartes), and ‘The Structure of Scientific Revolution’ (Kuhn). After reading these, I felt they both had a significant influence on the philosophy of science but with disparate conflicts between their discourses. Descartes spoke
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Paradigms must be based on consensus by solving validate or clarify the paradigm. Secondly, Kuhn would not agree that ideas under rigor will lead to truth. Kuhn would agree that Descartes Discourse contributed to scientific knowledge. However, Kuhn would have suggested to Descartes that there are some flaws in his method because Descartes’s rules follow a linear process and Descartes was very systematic in his approach whereas Kuhn would have argued that that paradigms are non-linear but rather undergoes periodic revolutions or paradigm shifts and a transformation occurs within a particular

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