Essay on Key Work Processes Of Our Educational Institution

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A. Key Work Processes
I am going to identify three key work processes of our educational institution. The first work process is how our community transformation teams (CTT) function to ensure student success for all students. Each educator is assigned to a CTT at the beginning of the school year. Each CTT meets to analyze student data and make adjustments to lesson plans to ensure success and meet the needs of all learners.
The second key work process is how our kid talk teams function to ensure that all of our students are having their needs addressed in a way that improves overall student success and improve student scores on assessments.
The third key work process is the process by which students meet and maintain the overall requirements to participate in extracurricular activities throughout the school year. This work process requires students, parents, educators, and school administrators to constantly monitor student successes and progress in accordance with state and school regulations for extracurricular activities.
B. Key Work Systems
The first key work system would be the development of community transformation teams similar to professional learning communities (PLC). Each faculty member is assigned to a CTT at the beginning of the school year.
The next key work system at our institution is our monthly kid talk meetings. These meetings are designed to address issues with specific low functioning high risk students focusing on both the behavior and…

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