Key Steps Of Environmental Audits Essay

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Environmental auditing is defined as a systematic, objective evaluation of facility activities for a finite review period designed to verify compliance with environmental regulations, internal policies, and accepted practices (UNISA, 2016).
Key steps of Environmental Audits
Despite the variety of audit objectives and types of audits, some elements are common to all audit programmes. Each audit programme involves having a team of individuals conduct a field assessment, gather information, analyze information, make judgments about the facility’s environmental compliance status and report their audit findings. The key steps common to all environmental audits can be grouped into three classes or phases:
• Pre-audit activities or planning phase;
• Key on-site activities or action phase;
• Post audit activities of follow-up phase.

Pre-audit activities or planning phase
Pre-audit activity forms an essential part of the environmental auditing procedure. The environmental audit process actually begins with a number of activities before the actual onsite audit takes place. These activities include the selection of the facilities to be audited, the schedule of the facilities to be audited, the selection of the audit team and the development of an audit plan. This phase allows the auditor to gather information, and to determine the suitable auditors as per expertise. The audit criteria must be established and to avoid it being inapplicable or bias, the auditee’s opinion can be…

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