Key Learning And Teaching Factors For Effective Education For Pasifika Learners

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What are the key learning and teaching factors for effective education for Pasifika learners in New Zealand?
There are many key learning and teaching factors that enhance education for Pasifika learners. This report will discuss the key factors in regards to the recommendations from the Ministry of Education (2013) report for Pasifika families working with the special education services. Pasifika education is a shared responsibility and therefore the report will be applied to teachers, speech language therapist’s (SLT), families and learners.
Improve professional cultural intelligence and sensitivity
The first priority focuses on up-skilling of Pasifika and non-Pasifika professionals to increase satisfaction and the engagement of Pasifika families (Ministry of Education, 2013). This recommendation has been recognised by the Ministry of Education (n.d.a) and features as an “action” in the Pasifika Education Plan (PEP). Here, the Ministry of Education and Education Partner Agencies plan to train educators in regards to what works for Pasifika learners through professional learning and development by 2017. As a training SLT, it is evident that this action has already taken charge. While studying, it has been compulsory to take ethics, Treaty of Waitangi, teaching of Pacific Island Students in New Zealand Contexts and advanced clinical papers. The aim of these papers is to educate us (the students) on best practice when working with different cultures. Furthermore, training…

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