Key Elements Of A Contract Of International Sale Of Goods Essay

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6. The key elements in a contract of international sale of goods
There are some critical aspects that need to be considered by the parties in the international sale of goods.
a. Capacity of the parties
Capacity is the legal ability of a person to enter a contract. If the buyer is a person, he/she should not be a minor, the mentality disordered, and the intoxicated person. However, if the buyer is a corporation, the person who has authority to sign contracts is usually specified in the constitution of company. Generally, Board of Director has capacity to enter a contract. The capacity of the parties is a critical element in order to make a contract enforceable.

b. Description of the goods
Due to the facts, the object is a pair of shoes, which is called the Extreme 5. BDS as a seller should describe in detail what is the function of the goods, how to use and store it, and what is the material of the goods. The detail description of the goods would make a contract more concise.

c. Quantity
The parties should specify the number of shoes that will be traded in the contract. d. Packaging
In order to avoid risk of damage and custom, the parties should mention in the contract on how the goods will be packed.

e. Price
The parties should state the price of Extreme 5 in the contract. The price clause is very crucial, not only to avoid financial dispute, but also to fulfil the requirement of a contract. In the Civil law, the essential factor of sale of goods is the goods and…

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