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XP 39802: Strategic Leadership
Booth School of Business
University of Chicago
Winter 2014
Professor Chris Rider
TA: Craig Tutterow (

This syllabus is required reading for this course.

To achieve individual and organizational performance objectives, executives must coordinate activities among employees, between groups, and across organizations. Often expected to meet these objectives, leaders are not always trained to do so. By focusing on both formal and informal aspects of organizations, this course prepares executives to lead organizations strategically by leveraging principles of evidence-based leadership and by managing networks of
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1. Class Participation (CP)


Your contributions to class discussions will be evaluated. Presence is a necessary prerequisite to participation. But, quantity of contribution is much less relevant than quality of contribution; you need not participate frequently but, rather, thoughtfully. Careful arguments based on facts that support your position are good; even better is specific identification of what it would take to change your position (e.g., alternative assumptions, changes in facts). Structured comments that advance discussions are preferred to restating case facts, repeating previous points, or sampling excessively from personal experience.
2. Individual Network Action Plan (AP)


Each student will apply course concepts to their career and/or business goals. This plan should specifically identify career and/or business objectives, the social capital necessary for achievement, actions that must be taken to develop a network that increases one’s chances of success, and an implementation timeline. See Appendix 3for more details.
3. Group Assignment (GA)


In the campus-specific groups assigned by the XP program office, executives will prepare a strategic plan for implementing an organizational intervention. This plan will identity a specific problem, develop an organizational intervention to solve the problem, and design an implementation and evaluation plan that can produce

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