Steinway's Piano Brand Analysis

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Steinway has held the title of best piano brand for quite some time. They strive for excellence in all areas of piano creation, and do a great job of that. But is Steinway the best piano for everyone? No. For professional pianists, perhaps. But for the average family looking for a highly esteemed piano for their children to become Mozart prodigies, Kawai is the better option. The brand offers more by way of touch, tone and durability for young families than Steinway does. Kawai and Steinway have been in competition for business for quite some time now. They both have very commendable attributes to their pianos and reputations to uphold by constantly working to make their instruments the best they can be. Lacefield Music eloquently describes a brief history of Steinway saying “Steinway & Sons began its mission to make the finest pianos in the …show more content…
The fine quality doesn’t necessarily mean durability. Not being broken is much different than looking good and holding up under the elements created by youngsters. The Steinway comes in finish choices of satin or high polish but the site mentions nothing of the strength of those finishes on the wood (“Classic Studio Upright”). The Steinway “Essex pianos have a STEINWAY–designed, all wood (no plastic) action for proven durability and heightened responsiveness and control” (“Classic Studio Upright”). The all wood pieces have potential to expand and contract in humid or arid climates as does the piano as a whole. Steinway makes a lot of their own pieces making them harder and more expensive to replace if a ball ever seemed to find its way into the piano from across the room. Kawai pianos have action pieces made from various metals and carbons making them stronger and more easily replaced (“K Series Upright”). The K series features a polished ebony finish as well as brass petals and casters creating a not only aesthetic of excellence but of strength and

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