Katheryn Scantlebury's Gender Bias In Teaching?

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For centuries men and women have differentiated through all types of task , skills, and professions. These efforts were mostly due to categorize what each gender could allegedly accomplish. Although this practice of patriarchy is antique, it has transcended to schools in the United States where the patriarchy is still very much alive. Katheryn Scantlebury in her article “ Gender Bias in Teaching,” discusses how prevalent gender bias is in the classroom and how it negatively affects both genders. The categorization of both genders creates a feeling of uncomfortableness hinders the student 's ability to learn since it creates an unequal treatment for both sides. Similarly, in “ Differences ? Similarities? Male teacher, female teacher: An instrumental case study of teaching in a Head Start Classroom ,” Robert Bullough Jr. discusses a research between the effectiveness of male teachers versus female teachers. Similar to Scantlebury, Bullough Jr. explores how gender is utilized to discriminate the ability of individuals. In his piece , he explores how both female and male are associated with limitations based on genders and are ultimately undermined as a result. Effectively, Robert Bullough Jr argues that both males and females performed well with their students , which supports Katheryn Scantlebury in her argument that gender bias negatively impacts students and should not be utilized in education.

Scantlebury supports Bullough Jr. by arguing how gender
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successfully demonstrate the dangers of gender bias in the classroom. The notion that females and males need to behave in a classroom represents the flaws behind a gender bias in schools because it only furthers this practice into the future generations. Scantlebury effectively challenges by presenting how males disproportionately receive praise from teachers, while Bullough Jr. utilizes Alphonso and his success as a teacher to dismantle the notion of gender

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