Karl Marx: A Comparative Analysis

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According to German sociologist Karl Marx, history was “a record of oppression and domination in which members of the upper classes were able to exploit those in the lower classes” (Farganis, 24). In his philosophical work, Marx brought an understanding of how to look at the economic, social and political power and its effects on society. Acknowledging that Marx’s theories have emerged during the French Revolution and that many historical events have occurred since then, the essay below will strive to compare the views of past communism to today’s capitalistic society. Further on, the paper will include different points of views on migrant farm workers.
With capitalism taking over societies today, it is common to see private owners, or as Marx
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Suffering occurs because of others. It can’t be blamed on individuals. There are five different sources of exploitation. One was touched upon in the previous section that is the labor theory of value. Meaning that capitalist will do whatever it costs to earn profit such as hiring illegal migrant workers. Another source is the objectification of labor, “the more objects the worker produces the fewer can he possess and the more he falls under the dominion of his product, capital” (Farganis, 38) meaning that the proletariats can be treated like commodities or disposable tools. A source that can be more easily understood is the destruction of family. Industrialization and capitalistic economy destroyed family. Now, because migrant farm workers have to work everyday, they miss on the lives of their loved ones. In my experience, they say they do it because they want to give a better life to their offspring. The life that they were not able to have when they were younger. However, that only causes families to break apart. A source of exploitation that can be seen everyday is the population increase and impoverishment. The last source, however seems to be the most critical, it is the miseducation of proletariat which just encourages workers to work without complaining. It makes workers to accept the way things are. Migrant farm workers are a great example of this because even though they know they are being exploited they continue to live that way because they believe they don’t deserve better or don’t have the necessary tools to fight

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