Why Marx Was Right Analysis

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“Socialism is rape and capitalism is consensual sex”. That is the type rhetoric we hear from conservative capitalists. They feel that any encroachment on their free market system, not only takes away part of their civil liberties but will also lead them to economic disaster. The author of Why Marx Was Right, offers a different viewpoint. Terry Eagleton believes that many of Karl Marx’s ideas were sound, and that he was simply misunderstood. He also believes that since the advent of Marx’s ideas, those who have attempted to enact his principles have misconstrued what his ideals truly stood for. In Why Marx Was Right, Terry Eagleton tries to refute ten common objections people have towards Marx and Marxism. Each chapter focuses on one …show more content…
The author argues that it’s some sort of tragedy that we have not found an alternative system. That somehow society missed the train, and is now doomed with the catastrophically flawed Capitalist system. I don’t believe that is the case. Countries that have historically practiced Marxism have never functioned as they were intended. Even Marxists agree, that throughout history, men have always corrupted any Marxist based system such as Socialism or Communism. Often, when countries have tried to go “full Marxist”, they have almost always developed into some sort of dictatorship. There is no alternative system to Capitalism, that will work better or even as good as Capitalism. Even our cherished democracy has its flaws in many of the same ways that Capitalism does. That does not mean we need to completely transform it, no one would ever dare such a thing. In democracy’s, sometimes governments don’t act in the best interests of society. Even our democratically elected politicians are willing to lie and destroy their opponents lives to win an election. The list of issues, major and minor, in democracy can cause even the most avid reader to contemplate a lobotomy. As Churchill once said in front of British parliament, “democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time”. The main critics of democracy suggest “tweaking” the system, by use of new statues and laws, instead of advocating the complete overhaul of the democratic institutions most countries were built upon. On the other hand, the very few Marxists still alive today are advocating the opposite, a complete dismantlement of Capitalism. “True Marxism” or as I like to call it “fairy tale Marxism” has never been fully implemented, and will never be

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