Karl Marx 's Role Of A Significant Group Within Society Essay

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Although highly influential to solidifying the structure of capitalism, Karl Marx blatantly failed to analyze the role of a significant group within society: women. Since Marx emphasized a focus on capitalism as a whole through the underlying economic laws of society, he was unsuccessful in considering the role of interrelated groups past his predominant conflict theory.The oppression of women through this fault has called for the rise of various distinctive feminists groups, such as the lesser known Marxist feminists. These feminists contribute to a new sociological perspective of feminism by analyzing the fault in Marx’s theory, recognizing the position of women among capitalist America, and interpreting his principal theory as a basis to fight for equality. This collective interpretation of conflict perspective by feminists led to new age thinking when tackling the issues of inequality while also critiquing its faults over the exclusion of gender.
Karl Marx, an influential thinker of the 20th century saw that the only logical way to solve human problems was to focus on the economic issues behind them. Because of this economic analysis, he saw the division of society according to monetary status, resulting in two conflicting groups: the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. He believed that this division within society was on the “basis of the ownership or control of productive property” (Marx 93).
According to Marx, the proletariats are exploited by the bourgeoisie since the…

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