Karl Marx And The Revolution Of 1848 Essay

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Karl Marx and the revolution of 1848
Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a German philosopher and socialist. Mark and Friedrich Engels published the book “The Communist Manifesto” in 1848. During the revolutions of 1848 Marx learned the lessons of “the class struggles in France” (144). Suddenly this became the time when the uprising in Europe began, also known as the “Spring of Nations.” According to the book, it was not the revolution that was the cause of the defeats but the pre-revolutionary traditional appendages (144). All classes of the French society were forced to leave the boxes, stalls, gallery, and act in person upon the revolution (144). Once it had increased and grew, foes had to be laid low, measures of the need had to be taken and the consequences drove on it. However, the French working class was still unable to maintain or accomplish its own revolution. Mentioned in the book, “The development of the industrial proletariat is, created by the development of the industrial bourgeoisie (145). The “proletariat” is used to describe the class of wage earners according to the Wikipedia. The “bourgeoisie” is defined as wealthy people of the middle class that was formed during the part of the middle class. During the industrial proletariat is the only time where they can raise a revolution to a national revolution, and make the modern means of production. The French industry is ore developed and the French bourgeoisie is more revolutionary then all the rest of the continent…

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