Karl Marx: Critic Marxist

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Critic Marxism
Karl Marx (1818-1983) was the German man he known as philosopher, economist, socialist, and journalist. he also known as revolutionary socialist, he was very known personality for the social theory that social class conflict, human history, exploitation, oppression, market forces of production, alienation of labour class how is happened and responsible to social conflict and its effect on society. He also gave, what should be doing so that all exploited and oppress classes will be emancipated. How to remove the social class conflict and what types of social equality he want bring, that he suggest such as communism. He was much known and fames in highlighted
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Work activity is very valuable for their emancipation and development. In the production process he understands himself as “objectifies” of the “object”. They were not realizing their value in the production process due they become responsible to alienation. if the object of man`s creation come to control by his being then man loses himself from the object and it occur when man regard the produce of his own labour as commodity, article for sell in the market place. Then object of his creation came to control from the market by his existence. it is very encouragible and self realization for the people when everyone understand their value and behave as per so in real no one is facing a oppression and dominance. Many middle class and low educated people still dance on the direction of the educated and ruling class people.
He said communism is way to the equality but significant social inequality seen under the communist regime and very few signs of a movement toward the equality.
Many critic on Marx suggest that his writing is more hard to understand and less imposable of personal opinion. This is less true but most of the thought is connected to reality.
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