Essay on Karl Marx And The Communist Manifesto

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Before, social classes began to emerge and forms of capitol were created, communal living had been a fixture of society since the hunter-gathering days. This practice, now referred to as Communism, is an, “economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members.” The most modern attempts at creating a Communist state come from a theory called Marxism. This theory, published in Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’, The Communist Manifesto, describe the framework needed to develop a successful Communist state. In his publication Marx introduced the “march of history.” A theory which reflected on the history of the class systems. It stated that any continuously exploited social class would eventually reach a breaking point resulting in violent revolution. If this revolution ended successfully, a new ruling class would seize power and inevitably the process would repeat itself. Marx predicted a different outcome is on the horizon. He anticipated an increasingly oppressive capitalist ruling class would result in a new type of revolution, one which would end with the formation of a communist state. The Manifesto was a message calling out to the working class and a warning to the elites of impeding revolution. In order for a communist society to work Marx required the support of the proletariat. He believed preparation for communism by the state was crucial, this step would be known as Marxist…

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