Karl Landsteiner: A Passion For Medicine

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Karl Landsteiner- a passion for medicine Karl was passionate about researching medicine even at a young age. He graduated the University of Vienna in 1891, at the age of 23. He studied medicine and while at the university he started his findings on biochemical. He also published a paper on the diet on the composition of blood ash that same year. He wanted to learn more on chemistry so over the next five years he studied with other brilliant chemist like Arthur Rudolf Hantzsch at Zurich, Hermann Emil Fischer at Wurzburg, and Eugen Bamberger at Munich. By the time he was 28 in 1896 he returned to Vienna and worked at the Vienna General Hospital. He assisted Max von Gruber in the Hygiene Institute at Vienna. Karl worked and researched side by side with some of the most amazing medical scientist such as Professor A. Weichselbaum, who had discovered the bacterial cause of meningitis and Fraenckel had discovered the pneumococcus. (www.nobleprize.org,2015). From 1898 to 1919 he remained at the University Department of Pathological Anatomy in Vienna. He was inspired and motivated by Anton …show more content…
He found that different red blood cells in different people can cause clumping which were incompatable. He had figured out that each one of us has different blood types which he named them A, B and C. He later changed the “C” name to 0 (zero) and then it became “O”. There are four types of blood types that we know of today which are A, B, AB and O. To those there are also A- A+, B- B+, O- O+, AB- AB+. Thanks to Karl we have successful blood transfudions and blood banks. “In 1848 18 out of 48 patients” (www.scienceheros.com,2015) would die from hemorrhage because the doctors had no positive way to give a successful blood transfusion. Now this is not a problem because we have the knowledge of the blood types and how to save lives through

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