Essay on Karen Horney 's Influence On The World Of Social Science

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Karen Horney has made many outstanding contributions to the world of social science, especially in the field of psychology. Prior to becoming a social scientist, Karen attended The University of Freiburg where she studied medicine. While attending university, Karen suffered the loss of both her parents which led her to meet with a psychoanalyst for therapy. It was during her treatment that she became interested in pursuing her education and career in psychology. She then went on to study at the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute under Karl Abraham, who was not only her mentor but also her her psychoanalytic therapist (Held 2010). Karen specialized in psychoanalysis, which is a type of therapy in which mental disorders are treated by discussing memories, dreams and fears as well as feminine psychology and self-psychology. Although Karen had began studying years before, it was not until around 1930 when she moved to the United States that she began to develop some of her most known and accurate theories (Cherry 2014a). From 1930 onwards, Karen devoted the majority of her life to exploring and explaining everything she could learn about psychology. She also passed on her love of psychology to others. While Karen lived in New York she began to train and teach psychoanalysis at the New School for Social Research and the New York Psychoanalytic Institute. As time went on, Horney eventually moved on to creating her own organization which was called the Association for the Advancement…

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