Kant's Concept Of Communism And Utilitarianism

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A male terrorist, by the name of KSM, attacks the United States causing Americans to swarm crazy in fear. With KSM in custody, it is now the government officials’ responsibility to retrieve information from KSM in order to prevent future terrorist attacks. When brought into custody, the CIA also brought in KSM’s children. Coming up with strategies on how to get KSM to talk, the idea of torturing his children as leverage presented itself. When reacting to KSM’s terrorist attack, John Stuart Mill, a British Philosopher and a Utilitarian, would most likely torture the children in order to retrieve information about KSM’s terrorist group which would prevent future terrorist attacks and protect the happiness of the greater good of society. Although the greater good of society will be protected, I disagree with Mill’s Utilitarian views because a Utilitarian does not prioritize individualized empathy, which is supported through Kant’s Formula of Humanity as an essential part of proper human interaction. …show more content…
When addressing happiness, Mill focuses on societal happiness. Mill’s Utilitarianism states that behavior is right in proportion as it promotes happiness for the greater good of society and wrong as it tends to promote unhappiness for the greater good of society (For clarification, Mill defines happiness as pleasure, the absence of pain). Mill addresses the idea that one’s happiness is just as important as someone else’s happiness. Encouraging people to use the Utilitarianism theory, Mill would like people to hold everyone 's happiness in high regard when acting on their decisions. Mill would suggest to use Utilitarianism to configure the most ethical action in response to KSM’s terrorist attack, to torture children to retrieve information about the KSM terrorist in order to ensure the future safety of society or to not torture children to ensure the safety of the

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