Essay on Juvenile Gangs Are Becoming More Popular And Problematic

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Juvenile gangs are becoming more popular and problematic, not only in Poughkeepsie, but nationwide. Historically, gangs provided a pseudofamily relationships for individuals who feel isolated and that there was something wrong in their lives (Howell, 2000). Youth gangs are not only a problem in of themselves, but another growing issue is adult gangs that are recruiting younger individuals, specifically males. Although the definition of a youth gang varies, generally, gangs are self-formed groups that are united by mutual interests. Juvenile gangs have had a strong history worldwide; there are also many reasons why juveniles join gangs, and current trends within the gangs. Juvenile gangs either appeared first in Mexico or Europe, and no one is clearly sure as to why and when they began to emerge in America (Howell, 1998). The earliest record of gangs in the United States is as early as 1783, and spread to New England in the early 1800s, just as the Industrial Revolution gained momentum in the larger cities (Howell, 1998). Theories as to why they appear included spontaneously merging from adolescent play groups or as a collective response to urban conditions in this country (Howell, 1998). Throughout history, gangs seemed to be most visible and violent during rapid population shifts, such as during the 1920s, 1960s and 1990s (Howell, 1998). With growing availability to technology, gangs began to gain momentum to becoming the dangerous and fearful gangs we see today. There…

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