Juvenile Delinquency Speech

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Good Afternoon Class!

I hope everyone enjoyed the long Labor Day weekend! I stayed at home and relaxed with my family. I also caught up on some homework while my husband was here to watch our 2 year old son. After reading and studying the book, handouts, and watching the videos, I am laden with information that is new and exciting to me. I never knew how interesting it could be to study crime! I also have gained a great appreciation for counselors and aides who spend their life and education on helping those who are involved with crime. Without further ado, here are my findings and opinions about this week’s discussion questions.
Our textbook states that a crime is any human conduct that violates a criminal law and is subject to punishment (Adler 13). According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, juvenile delinquency is a violation of the law committed by a juvenile and not punishable by death or life imprisonment. Using these two definitions as reference I can reasonably state that juvenile delinquency is a phrase that can be used to encompass both the status crimes of the minors in the survey and those who committed nonviolent crimes. I feel that a crime is a crime whether it is serious or not.
The Denver Youth Survey, the Pittsburgh Youth Study and the Rochester Youth Development Study all have one
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I feel that they can be effective in getting honest information. On the other hand I also feel that people may not tell the truth in the surveys and therefore can thwart the findings. Compensation must be made and taken into account when drafting the final report of the conclusion. We can use the historical perspective to rationalize these studies. Because these studies were conducted in popular and dense cities where events were documented, we can easily look back into the past to see how the cities were brought up and the history of violence and crime they

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