Juvenile Crimes

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Violent juveniles should be considered as adult criminals. Many violent juveniles commit heinous crimes, but only given small sentences or probation. During the probation period, violent juveniles still commit similar crimes because they never realize the consequences of their actions. Juveniles should be treated as adult criminals because many of them are considered repeated offenders. If you let a problem continue on, it only seems to get worst. With many of these juveniles when they do not learn from the first crime they commit they move on to more serious crimes. Consequently, many juveniles pose a serious threat to people’s lives. Their actions are horrific and it is almost like they have no regard for anyone’s well-being. For example, …show more content…
It not just a problem in one particular state or area, it is an uprising issue that needs to be dealt with. In the article, “Youth Violence” states, “Youth violence isn’t a Chicago problem, anymore than it is a black problem or a white problem. It’s something that affects communities big and small, and people of all races and colors” (Billitteri, 2010). By not punishing these juveniles early on we allowed it to become like this, it could have been easily avoided. These juveniles have gotten out of hand to the point that they feel that they can do anything, they want without being apprehended from it. Most of these young offenders know exactly what they are doing. They commit the crime with full knowledge that they could possibly ruin or damage someone’s life. These juveniles disregard these thoughts because most believe that they would not be caught and that they will have the opportunity to commit the same crime again. When they say “I am just a child, I did not know” for the majority of the time it is a lie or some form of excuse but that response cannot be tolerated. Limiting the danger to people is the number one thing on the list because some of these juveniles are a threat to society. In the same article, it states, “But youthful offenders sometimes commit heinous crimes…Many do so with full knowledge of the wrongfulness of their actions...” (Billitteri, 2010). A juvenile who knows what they are doing, but never learn from the errors of their ways only leads to the crime becoming even more horrific than it already

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