Justification And Sanctification By John Wesley Essay

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In the Via Salutis, the saving work of Christ is shown with justification and sanctification through several sermons of John Wesley. The Via Salutis is very dynamic because John Wesley had relationships in mind throughout it. The Wesleyan Via Salutis is a journey that means the way of salvation in English. We understand that the natural man, from birth, is not inclined to do or be good. In the sermon Original Sin; natural man is described “Now God saw that all this, the whole there of, was evil;-contrary to moral rectitude; contrary to the nature of God, which necessarily includes all good.” God saw us for who we truly were but still allowed His relationship with us to move passed legal justification, which we truly deserve. Repentance is also a topic that will be noted in regard to sanctification. Prevenient grace thankfully is in effect while we are lost in sin, God still loves us. Prevenient grace is the grace that goes before us and because of it our sinful nature won’t stop us from the opportunity to be saved. Prevenient grace is given to every human. In the sermon The Spirit of Bondage and Adoption repentance is discussed, “But at first ye knew it not, though ye were wallowing daily in your sins and in your blood; til in due time, ye “received the spirit of fear and afterwards, fear vanished away, and the spirit of love filled your hearts.” Repentance plays a key role in leading to sanctification and is necessary in our spiritual journey. Repentance is…

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