Religion And Family Analysis

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Religion is a fundamentally vital component of the society that affects human behavior, culture, and coexistence among others. Family is also a very crucial aspect because it is the basic unit that makes up a community. Family and religion interact in a vast and profound manner to shape the ways of the larger society. This is in consideration of that latter fact stated previously to the effect that it is the basic societal component. The convergence of religion and family creates a scenario in which both of them affect each other. In critical sense, religion shapes the family unit vastly as compared to how family affect religion. This is based on the fact that religion was the framework upon which family was invented and hence
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In this regard, monogamy and polygamy comes into discussion because the question of whether a man can have more than one wife is a fundamental issue in marriage. In the teachings of Jesus in Matthew chapter 19 verses three to six indicates that “two will become one flesh”. Looking at this verse, it is evident that Jesus clearly advocates for the union of only two people in marriage. Indeed, he did not say that more than two can marry correctly under Christianity. The story of creation also points to a similar conclusion bearing in mind that God created Adam and Eve only. Further, both accounts teach and advocate for the union of two people of opposite sex. Religion acts to a great extent to guide people against homosexuality. Although the contemporary world has clearly accommodated homosexuality in the legal framework, religion speaks strongly against this act. As such, before marriage, it shapes the manner in which people understand and forge their relationship. In this light, it is very difficult to find devoted Christians seeking to engage in same-sex marriage. On that basis too, devoted Christians do not engage in polygamy and as such pursue to tie the knot in the church. Further, sexuality is a critical component of a marriage. Clearly, First Corinthians chapter six verses eighteen to twenty reveals that everyone who engages in …show more content…
In this regard, religion plays a critical role to reduce the instances of divorce in the society in various ways. First, Jesus rebukes the idea of divorce directly in Luke chapter sixteen verses eighteen. In this verse, Jesus teaches that a person who decides to divorce his wife forces her to commit adultery. Similarly, if he decides to get into a marriage union with another woman, he also engages in adultery. Essentially, it is indicated that such acts of adultery are committed especially in cases where the woman was left for any other reason besides unfaithfulness. This clearly shows that the bible sets high standards for divorce to

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