Essay about Jupiter 's Aeneid : Fama And Imperium By Julia Hejduk

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In this paper I will be discussing the argument made in the scholarly article, Jupiter 's Aeneid: Fama and Imperium by Julia Hejduk and furthermore using her work to develop my own argument about the epic poem The Aeneid. I will be doing this through the layout of a summary of argument essay. I will thus be summarizing the evidence provided by Hejduk, displaying the sources in the forms of charts, connecting the charts to the evidence and moreover connecting the evidence to the scholar 's personal life. I am doing this not only to provide adequate support for Julia Hejduk’s claims but to also allot myself the opportunity to further understand The Aeneid and mature the views I have on the Epic. Through the reading and analysis of the scholarly article, I was able to interpret the evidence and draw conclusions on the argument Hejduk is molding throughout her written work.
The role of Jupiter in The Aeneid has often been overlooked thus leading to the distorment and development of incomplete views of his character as a whole. In fact, Jupiter is not to be looked at as a minor character. The God is sumptuously depicted in Virgil’s Aeneid with a vapid personality and his actions have a strong hold on the manipulation of the outcome of the text. This paper will summarize the 3 points -- his words, motivations and implications Jupiter faces -- Julia Hejduk makes in her article, Jupiter’s Aeneid: Fama and Imperium, as well as assessing the relationship between the evidence, found…

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