Essay on Juno Design & Mise-En-Scene

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Topic 1 – Design & Mise-en-scene
A movie is not just a motion picture, it is an art form. An art form that is put together by many shots and with that several shots it makes a scene. Editing shots and scenes can setup the mise-en-scene, also known as staging, and the visual design of a film. In the film, Juno (2007) Directed by Jason Reitman, it starts off showing a pregnant teen walking down a pathway with a sunny d drink, this shows the audience that the director is trying to tell us that Ellen Page is the main character of this film. The directorial decisions made in this film can be analyzed only if the audience catches what the director is trying to say or make us see. From the lighting to the composition of the film it can set up
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The visual mise-en-scene contributes to the story and drives each scene forward by putting comedy and issues in a reality. “A movie’s mise-en-scene influences our mood as we watch, much as the décor, lighting, smells, and sounds can influence our emotional response to the real-life place.” (Barsam 156). Juno uses elements that create a sense of wonder, a wonder of what is going to happen next. A little laughter can keep the audience’s attention without getting bored of what the scene is about, because the scene can be used to show a big part of what the film is totally about. The visual elements of mise-en-scene are all crucial to shaping our sympathy for, and understanding of, the characters shaped by them. The way Juno reacts to her pregnancy test she already knows who to call first and tell her about her situation. While keeping a secret from her parents until she thinks of a plan to get through with because she knows eventually that they would find out sooner or later. Using props such as a hamburger phone shows that Juno is not an ordinary girl and introducing Leah into the scene shows that she is a more normal girl than Juno is, describing the first act structure, which is the set up. Finding the couple for the new parents and getting to know Vanessa and Mark Loring and figuring out how the new family for the baby is the second act

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