Julius Caesar 's Life And His Influence On His Upbringing And A Natural Talent For Military Strategy

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Julius Caesar’s life was filled with extraordinary and unimaginable feats, influenced by the ideals of his upbringing and a natural talent for military strategy. From birth, Caesar was raised in a family full of untraditional values who believed in the Populare ideologies of equalizing the poor. In an unforeseen turn of event, Caesar eventually became Dictator Perpetuus and was in a position to turn these beliefs into policy. In contrast to his benevolent nature, he was also ruthless, as demonstrated by the pursuit and execution of the pirate captors who he had befriended. In a juxtaposition of actions he orders the death of these men to somehow restore honor to his name and family, yet did them the ‘courtesy’ if called that, of slitting their throats before crucifying them. Caesars uncanny ability to divorce his feelings from the topic at hand, and staying true to his word proved to be a defining characteristic useful within war, and his political rise into power. This can be seen when challenged with the decision of staying in Egypt to rule with his mistress Cleopatra and their son, or returning home to be faced with uncertainty, and the possibility of death battling the Optimates faction, and Caesar again proves his militant inclination by leaving Cleopatra and his son to fight for Rome.
Julius Caesar’s tactics and military endeavors are closely recorded within his histories the Gallic Wars, and the Civil War. Both histories being Caesars firsthand accounts…

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