Essay about Julius Caesar 's Influence On The World

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To start off, when someone thinks of power, they think of a person who controls someone of something. Julius Caesar may have been the person to have the most of that power in all time. Julius Caesar, a well-known Roman dictator, impacted the destiny of the nation that he lead by expanding the Roman Empire. Author’s can use various genres of literature as a proactiv tool in educating people in many ways. Various genres of literature can be used a proactive tool in learning in many ways including having a profound effect on the reader. This makes the literature, whatever type it is, more interesting.
To begin, Julius Caesar made a decision that influenced Rome forever. That decision was to expand Rome further into Europe. This made some people happy, and some people sad. Also, it influenced people in different ways including forcing some citizens of Rome into unemployment. However, it didn’t just change Rome, it changed the world forever.
Caesar’s to choice to expand Rome was maybe the biggest choice ever made in ancient times. It changed Rome forever, and it still affects people today. For example, In the morning, when someone checks their calendar to see what they have going on that day, they are almost looking at the exact calendar that Julius Caesar created called the Julian calendar. Without this choice, Rome may not even be as close to as famous as it is today. This is why Caesar was the star of the ancient world. If he had not done this, people may not…

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