Julius Caesar, The Encyclopedia Of World Biography Essay

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Caesar used the problems in Rome to build his own political and military power, which led him to many victories. When Caesar was young he served as an officer in Asia Minor and was a quaestor in Farther Spain. Later during the revolt of Rome’s allies, he rose to political prominence and married Cornelia. Soon after she passed away he became very popular among the people. This would be to his advantage when gaining allies such as Pompey and Crassus, which helped him win many battles. This source is from an encyclopedia, which demonstrates its credibility. With all these details about Caesar’s military experience, this article will aid in writing the research paper.

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During Caesar’s governorship, he expanded Rome through many victorious wars and the support of Pompey and Crassus. With Pompey’s influence and Crassus’ money, they formed an alliance that would become very successful. Caesar launched the…

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