Essay on Julius Caesar : Similarities And Differences From Real Life

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Julius Caesar has many similarities and differences from real life to Shakespeare’s version of Julius Caesar. I am going to focus on the differences, similarities, and omitted facts between the two Julius Caesars. First I will tell about all the differences, then I will go through the similarities, and finally the omitted facts. Here I will tell you about the differences between the actual history of Julius Caesar and Shakespeare’s play. Shakespeare intended to play to be in the 18 century, but the actual Julius Caesar was in B.C. In the actual Julius Caesar, he suffers the falling sickness twice during his speech but in Shakespeare’s play, he only suffers from the falling sickness once. In actual life, people heard that Caesar was going to leave money for them and his gardens so that led the conspirators to kill him more quickly. However, in Shakespeare’s version they didn’t hear what he was going to leave the people of Rome before they killed him. Also, all the conspirators fled in real life, but in Shakespeare’s play, Antony and Brutus stay and talk to the people explaining why they killed Caesar and didn’t let him live. When Caesar realized that Brutus was going to stab him, Caesar says “Et tu, Brute!” in Shakespeare’s play. Despite that, in the history of Julius Caesar, it is said that his last words were “You, too, my child!” After the conspirators killed Julius Caesar, three slaves carried his body to Calpurnia’s house in real life. In Shakespeare’s version, Caesar…

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