The Speeches Of Brutus And Mark Antony

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What is the most significant complication when people judge before something occurs? Death, according to William Shakespeare. In Act 3 there are two speeches given, one by Decius Brutus and the other by Mark Antony. These two funeral speeches in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare are similar in organization although differ in the message.
To begin, William Shakespeare is creative in differing the positions where the men stand during the funeral speeches. Brutus stands above the crowd demonstrating his superior power over the citizens of Rome. The third citizen claims Brutus is noble in line 1539, but because Brutus is "worthy," he must stand higher than others. Brutus stands above, yet Mark Antony was the right-hand man
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Brutus uses the phrase “I loved Caesar” in line 1555. His love for Caesar is gone considering he felt the need for murder, but at one time he did believe that Caesar was a great man and leader. This causes the audience to have mixed feelings of commitment and hatred toward Brutus and Caesar. Mark uses the double meaning of “honorable man” in line 1628. He says that Brutus is honorable meaning that everyone is Rome claims he is, yet Brutus is not noble because Caesar never had evil intentions. Shakespeare takes advantage of the double meaning to make the audience realize the more profound significance the speakers are trying to …show more content…
When Brutus ends his speech the crowd cheers and concurs that Caesar needed to die, but they stay and listen to Antony because Brutus says too and the crowd believes he is honorable in line 1583. Antony ends his speech and the crowd cheers because of agreement and wants revenge based on Antony’s words alone (1700). The crowd cheers for both speakers, but only stands with Antony’s speech.
In conclusion, Brutus was naive to Cassius’ jealousy, and Antony was ignorant to Caesar’s fear, leading to the death of the greatest warrior and political leader of Rome. Using rhetorical devices made both speeches convincing although Antony won over the crowd overall. They chose that Caesar was an innocent man and want the conspirators dead to avenge Julius. The examples add to the meaning of William Shakespeare’s play by giving the reader proof that Antony and Brutus both influenced the crowd and praised

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