Julius Caesar Comparisus Comparison

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I believe that the two main figures in Livy’s History of Rome Book 21 and Suetonius’ Julius Caesar is Julius Caesar and Hannibal. The two men are very similar in that they both are very ambitious and don’t let anything stand in their way. The Life of Julius Caesar tells the story of Julius Caesar’s life in Rome and how he became a dictator. Livy’s History of Rome Book 21 is about the Second Punic War and Hannibal’s campaign. In The Life of Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar was forced to go into hiding because Sulla wanted him dead. Julius Caesar was able to escape death from Sulla later on. I think that this made Julius Caesar arrogant. He believed that because he escaped this certain fate that he was now invincible. He did everything in his power to push the limits. This made him extremely popular. During the reading, I felt like …show more content…
They don’t believe in settling for short-term goals, they are more worried about long-term goals. I think that this was a double-edged sword. There were times where it was good to not settle for the accomplishments that they had made but there were also some times that it hurt them. The best example of this was Hannibal and his elephants. It was a good idea to use the elephants in his army because the natives in the area were so unfamiliar with them that they were terrified to even challenge Hannibal’s army. This was all good until the elephants started to cost him and his army in other areas. I think that anyone that crosses the Alps with elephants is an idiot. Hannibal was so set on using the elephants in combat that he overlooked the cons of using the elephants. Using the elephants to his advantage was a good idea until the elephants started to slow his progress down. I think that he should have improvised along the way and got rid of the elephants. Instead he lost a lot of his army, soldiers and the elephants, from the snow and intolerable

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