Julia Alvarez Summary

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Julia Alvarez grew up to age ten in the Dominican Republic. In this time period sugar cane was a booming industry, Catholicism was the top religion, and poverty was running rampant. Julia lived in a time when the government in the Dominican Republic was very corrupt. Anyone that disparaged the president was assassinated. Julia is associated with postmodernism (1996-present) and is still writing even today. This era loves independence, discovering of self, acceptance, and individuality.
Julia was Born in America, but moved to the Dominican Republic before she was even a year old. At the age of ten, her family was forced to leave the Dominican Republic and move back to America in order to avoid death. This caused Julia to have to quickly pick up on English, and this led to her learning to
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The author gives her characters fictional personalities and ideas when she says, ”And that’s how I got free...I’d just left a small cage to go into a bigger one, the size of our whole country”(Alvarez).
Julia used historical events in her plot. She says,”The floor remains empty as it must until El Jefe has danced the first dance. He rises from his chair, and I am so sure he is going to ask me that I feel a twinge of disappointment when he turns instead to the wife of the Spanish ambassador. Lío’s words of warning wash over me. This regime is seductive. How else would a whole nation fall prey to this little man”(Alvarez).
”There were hundreds of us, the women all together, in white dresses like we were his brides, with white gloves and any kind of hat we wanted. We had to raise our right arms in a salute as we passed by the review stand.It looked like the newsreels of Hitler and the Italian one with the name that sounds like fettuccine”(Alvarez).
Alvarez has a unique style and use of language compared to others in the literature

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