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Juicing for the purposes of weight loss is overrated and glamorized. Health enthusiasts or people that simply want to lose weight use this method because they are constantly seeking a faster, easier, and more efficient way to lose weight. It becomes much easier to consume and incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables into one 's diet to meet daily requirements and increase absorption of nutrients.(6)
Juicing should only be a way to enhance and promote a healthy lifestyle, as long as it is accompanied by a healthy diet and physical activity. It is by no means a substitute to a whole meal.(4) Consumers should realize that there are many exaggerated claims associated with juicing. Companies are dependent on their consumers, so they are
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A case in Chicago where a women by the name of Newell Freivegol was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. She believed that juicing would be a better alternative to taking medicine. Unfortunately she was wrong because after she stopped the intake of this juice cleanse she again started to receive symptoms of IBS again. The solution to this problem was the fact that she was consuming certain foods in her diet that lead to this bowel syndrome. She did get better when realizing that there is no benefit in just juicing. This process has to be accompanied by tailoring of ones personal diet as well.(2)
A benefit suggested from juicing is detoxification of the body.(5) But people are not aware of the natural alternatives that are justified through scientific explanation. In the Huffington Post article, "Don’t Get Punch Over Extreme Health Claims for Juices, Juicing" states that an alternative for removal of toxins is done by the fact that vital organs such as the liver and kidney are capable of the removal of toxins.(6) Marion Nestle, PhD, professor of nutrition at New York University, states that the bowel obtains the capability of removing toxins from the body with no aid of

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