What Is Conjugal Marriage?

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In order to understand the concept of jugal marriage, the concept of conjugal marriage should be identified. Conjugal marriage is a marriage in which the relationship is seen as a stable union of two people who have the rights over sexual activity of the other as well as legitimising their children. The jugal definition of marriage is when the marriage of two people is predetermined through an exchange of rights, status, goods, money or obligations. The marriage is a form of transaction meaning that usually something of great value will be transferred, these are usually property or bridewealth, which is paid by the groom to the bride’s family.
In the discussion below, the jugal definition of marriage will be explained through three different
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In keeping with customary law, a marriage is not considered valid unless several transactions have been made between the family of a man and a woman who are set to be married. (Lye & Murray, 1980, pp. 112-115) The particular item that the Tswana and Southern Sotho are exchanging between families is cattle otherwise known as bohadi. (Lye & Murray, 1980, pp. 112-115)
Bohadi is the traditional Tswana and Southern Sotho form of bridewealth. It is one of two customary laws that legitimise the marriage between a man and a woman. The other law is that in order to have a valid marriage both parties must agree. (Lye & Murray, 1980, pp. 112-115) This means that agreement and bohadi is the recognition by the two families that is needed in order for it to be a legitimate marriage. (Lye & Murray, 1980, pp.
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Tibetan culture practises one of the world’s oldest marriage ceremonies and contracts in the form of fraternal polyandry. (Goldstein, 1987, p. 39) Fraternal polyandry means that the brothers of one family will marry the same woman. The wife will leave her home and live with the brothers, the eldest brother being the one with the responsibility over the household. (Goldstein, 1987, p. 39) By tradition, the arrangement was made by the parents of the daughter and she would have very little say in the matter, recently, women have made the decision on their own, but it is frowned upon not to have the consent of her parents. (Goldstein, 1987, p.

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