Judgment And Discrimination Against Gay Essay

820 Words Feb 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Judgment and discrimination against gay people is still an issue.
Gay issue has been a particular talking point in recent years. When homosexuals claimed the same rights we have, our so called “moral values” prevented gay people to take fully part in our community. However the approach we took against them is controversial because the morals themselves preach equality between humans, which means towards transgender people as well.
Even though society embrace transgender people much more than in the past, often times, we consider homosexual people as weird and alien. Gay people, however, are nothing short of human beings and peers; thus, they deserve the same amount of respect we show to everyone else.
Homophobia is a hot topic: according to the data collected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation “hate crimes based on sexual orientation are the third highest reported category of hate crimes—behind race and religion”. This shocking statistics points out our fear of what is different, of what is unusual. Instead of accepting and being curious about new tendencies and fenomeni, we often tend to reject what is diverse from the reality we have been used to. For instance, the first time Galileo Galilei tried to explain that the earth was spinning, they put him in prison and obliged him to recant his theory because it went against what people thought for thousands of years, because it went against religion, because it went far beyond common sense. It is sometimes easier to…

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