Judge The Coding Capabilities Of The Individual Through The Various Coding Problems Provided By The Administrator

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PURPOSE: The main purpose of this project is to create a platform to judge the coding capabilities of the individual through the various coding problems provided by the administrator. Different coding languages are provided to carry out the task.
In addition to this, we are also aiming to develop the platform to act as a knowledge sharing center, where one can learn from the tutorials, can discuss the problems over the forum and can even contribute to the society.

Project Overview: Our Coding judge platform has two views for the proper functioning.

1. Administrator view- The administrator logs into the system and is the one who uploads the problems and the data regarding it. All the tutorials of the knowledge space, all the settings and maintenance of the forum and the whole platform are done by the administrator and he also holds the power to review all the users and ban them, if necessary. 2. User view- The users can register onto the website and can login whenever they need to. Upon login, the status of the problem submissions, new messages received on the forum, new tutorials uploaded is shown and he can also review the overall scoreboard to judge himself. The users can also change their password and email, if needed.

The most basic function that our platform performs and is been made for is judging the code submitted by the users over the various inputs and their corresponding outputs, already stored in the database.

Code Judging – This term refers…

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