Judaism, Christianity, And Islam Essay

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There are a ton of religions around the world filled with cultures, musics, and architectures.
Most people have their own religion to believe in God or Gods and some of them are Atheists that they don’t believe in any God. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are monotheistic religion that they believe in one God. Three religions are the most popular religions that everyone got familiar with it. They all believe that universe is created by God, the highest leader of their religion. Each one have the holy book that believed it was words from the God and have rules that it is forbidden or not. To better understand these religions, there will be differences and similarities in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Judaism is the oldest religion that existed in 7th century BCE which it is a decades ago. There are about 1.4 millions people who are Jewish in the present and still continue to practice their religions. They have a holy book, just like Christianity and Islam called The Hebrew Tanankh that it is very similar to Old Testament from the Christians and called their God, Yahweh or Jehovah. It has a listing of the laws and events that happened in the past. They believed that God was their protector and was everywhere, beyond the human race that no one see his form. Jewish people believed that Moses went to the Mountain and talked to the God, gave messages to the people about the laws which called Ten Commandments. Abraham is the founder of the Judaism and that is their…

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